Depression is something that I know well, she had me when I was 18yrs old and some days she comes back just poke around and see if she can stay somewhere.

It felt like she was forcing me to feel worthless, tired and question myself and I cried ALOT! (with permission from a client)

Now this might be something your familiar with, maybe some days, maybe a lot of the days.

Depression can be a result of a failed relationship, low self esteem and not feeling worthy.

The list is endless, but does the reason behind feeling low and/or depressed matter?

I don’t think so, at the end of the day you feel what you feel, the reason why isn’t necessarily the most import thing.

When working with Clients some times it helps naming your depression, so bob, Dorthey or whatever you like really.

I promise you I’m not loosing the plot, however naming it can help you feel like “this isn’t the true version of you, it’s just Dorthey this feeling will pass”

By doing this one thing alone can help you feel more in control of what’s going on for you and will remind you that the feeling will pass.

Feelings are constantly changing and moving like the ocean, just try and be brave enough to believe this and sit with them.


Drinking plenty of water

Get regular exercise

Sleep! Have a good sleep hygiene

Set small achievable goals every day. (I started with getting up and getting dressed and that is all I needed to achieve that day)

Write down each day the things you have achieved. And be proud of your achievements! they maybe small but they took a lot of effort to achieve them.

Sometimes we do have to force ourselves to do things whether it’s go out for a social event or shower, the effort will be worth it because this will help with not feeling isolated.

SELF CARE!! because you wouldn’t let your battery on your mobile run out so why would you neglect yourself???

This is about doing something you want to do, so going to get your nails done, go for a bit of cake and even going for a walk in the rain if YOU want to.


*Please remember that these posts are my opinions based on my own experiences and working with clients*