When people talk about failure, they talk about it in a negative way and I’ve always wondered why?

Heart failure, exam failure, failing your driving test all of these are seen as a negative things.

What if we looked at failure as learning?

Not something negative but something new, we learn through practice, repeating, patience and never giving up.

To learn new things means to fail, this is where all the learning is and with this we build up our resilience, which will then help us throughout our lives.

Some of the smartest people we know like Albert Einstein, Steve Jobs (co-founder of apple) Bill Gates, to name a few, only got to where they are by failing, being persistent and never giving up.

One of my favourite quotes is from John Maxwell “fail early, fail often and always fail forward” and for most people this will seem odd but for others this will light a fire inside them and move forward towards their dreams.

Take a look at this link of Will Smith talking about failure.

Things which can help!

  • Never give up
  • Take a break if things get to much
  • Ask for help
  • Refocus on things you can control and do
  • Tell yourself “recovering from failure will make you stronger”

* Please remember that these post are my opinions based on my own experiences and working with clients*