Social Media & Technology

Why is that young people and adults today are so attached to their phones?

What is it about getting likes on Facebook and Instagram?

Are these some of the questions your asking yourself or as a parent?

Then I might be able to help break it down for you.

I work with children & young people a lot and this was one of the things I was really struggling with as a professional.

Does it mean that much to get likes from a post?

These young people are validated by the amount of shares or comments and not by their own achievements.

Because of this new generation of young people who grew up on social media they are becoming adults completely unprepared for life outside of school.

Currently young people don’t need to wait for ANYTHING! if they want something they can order it off amazon prime and get it the next day.

They can binge watch every episode of their favourite tv show in one day, not having to wait till the following week.

They aren’t learning patience or resilience, which can impact on their future adult life. In the work place or socially with friends.

This is not the young person fault, it really isn’t, it is the generation they were born in to, not through choice just by chance.

I came across a guy who talks about young people and how they are living a completely sheltered and almost fake life due to social media and modern technology.

Take a look at the link below it helps explain social media and technology in a very simple way and it’s impact.

Things that can help

As parents model good behaviour in the end your children look up to you.

  • No mobiles or tech at the dinner table.
  • use dinner time to talk

No mobile phones at bed time

  • this inhibits sleep
  • tech before bed stimulates the brain making it harder to go to sleep
  • can disturb your sleep
  • makes a better sleep hygiene

Young people will say I need it for my alarm! go and buy them an alarm for £5 as they wont get up anyway.

As parents try not to get frustrated this is their world, do things that mean they have to connect with you and others.

  • go for walks
  • do things together even if this is understanding why tech is so important to them.

*Please remember that these posts are my opinions, based on my own experiences and working with clients*